Institutional Pharmacy Practice Prep (IPPP) Online Course

Successfully Navigate Career Transitions Within Pharmacy

Institutional Pharmacy Practice Prep (IPPP) is a self-paced online course designed to help pharmacists successfully transition from community (retail) pharmacy practice to a rewarding career in a hospital, ambulatory care, LTAC, or other clinical settings. The course is designed to improve your clinical pharmacy skills and confidently work in your new environment.

Module 1: Introduction and Institutional structure

Module 2: Top acute care drugs

Module 3: Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and Formularies

Module 4: Pharmacy information systems, Electronic health record, and Labs

Module 5: Medication order processing, Dosage adjustments, and Documentation

Module 6:   Pharmaceutical Calculations and Compounding

Module 7: Central and Decentral workflows

Module 8:  Automation, Technologies and Equipment

Module 9: Pharmacist driven protocols, Opioid stewardship, and Emergency management

Module 10:  Medication safety, Error reporting, Unit inspections, and Regulations

 Course Information:

The course content is delivered via prerecorded video lessons. The content can be viewed on demand after release. Two hour live Question & Answer sessions are held via video conferencing to discuss the previous modules on Thursday evenings at 8 pm or Saturday mornings at 9 am Central Time for your convenience.

Course Schedule:

 Video Lesson Release Date 12p   Question & Answer Session Dates

Thursday 8p-10p or Saturday 9a-11a 

11/26 –  Introduction & Pre-reading material
12/3  –   Modules 1 through 3 12/6 or 12/8
12/10 – Modules 4 through 6
12/16 – Modules 7 and 8 In-person Class & On-site Tour*
12/17 – Modules 9 and 10 1/3 or 1/5

*Note: The in-person class & on-site tour is optional and occurs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area from 830a-1230p. The modules will also be available via video lessons. Pharmacists will be able to receive Sterile Compounding Certification Training the weekend of 12/14 if desired. To register, please visit .

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Winter 2018 Course starts November 26, 2018 - $199

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